Woman with a Movie Blog

Welcome to Woman with a Movie Blog.  I write about a variety of different films following a few themes:


Different from standard reviews in scope, my essays seek to do more than recollect a film and judge it on it’s quality.  Instead they take the film in a greater context and examine its place in the world.

52 Films by Women

At this point, it seems common knowledge that women directors are vastly represented in the film community.  Not only is the male domination sexist and misogynistic, but it stifles the feminine view.  Women are just as capable as men of making films, and the films they are allowed to make bring a much needed balance of a women’s perspective in a men’s world.

Having been inspired by Cinema Fanatic’s year of watching only film directed by women, and discovering a love for Kelly Reichardt, I discovered the Women in Film and their 52 Films by Women movement.  Having pledged over a year ago, and made it my priority to stay as faithful to it as possible, I wanted to bring that project here.  Once a week, I will watch and post about at least one film directed by a woman.

Festival Reviews

Short reviews of  films seen at festivals.

Year End Lists

Everyone loves a list, and this collects my annual year end lists. I also collect and update all of my lists on Letterboxd.