My First TIFF

I know that I haven’t written anything in months.  Life has taken its toll on me as I’ve attempted to find my new life post transition.  Things still aren’t really settling down, but there’s nothing like attending a major film festival to reinvigorate your passion for the craft.  And so here I am, thousands of miles from home, in a foreign country leaving me completely dependent on free Wi-Fi as I don’t have international phone service with nothing to do but watch films, eat, and hopefully write.

Signing up for TIFF was an interesting experience.  The only film festival that I’ve done in earnest before was SXSW in which I’ve just purchased a badge and gone to as many films as I wanted only being turned away once in my two years in attendance.  For TIFF on the other hand, I purchased what made sense to me, a 20 film package for the 7 days that I would be in Toronto.  Days before I was allowed to register for films, I set up what my perfect schedule would look like and assumed that everything would work for me.  Not one minute after my registration window was open, I was on the website and realized that the majority of my high priority viewings were already booked.  Unfortunately, this week will not include my chance to view Toni Erdman, Elle, Personal Shopper, Certain Women, The Handmaiden, American Honey, La La Land, or Manchester by the Sea, but I’m still seeing many high priority films on my list as well as letting myself find some hidden gems.

And so with this, all I have left to say is that I’m excited to be back.

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