The 2017 Oscars: Predictions and Wishes

Best Picture
Prediction: La La Land
Perfect World: Jackie
La La Land was amazing and should hold of the surging (and great) Moonlight.  In a perfect world though I would have recognized the greatest acting performance of the decade in Jackie.

Actor in a Leading Role
Prediction: Casey Affleck
Perfect World: Casey Affleck
Denzel was great in Fences, but I think the general consensus that it’s Casey’s turn will hold out even in the face of controversy.

Actress in a Leading Role
Prediction: Isabelle Huppert
Perfect World: Nathalie Portman
I don’t understand how Nathalie Portman is going to lose this, but it looks like she isn’t even in the running behind Stone and Huppert.  I think that this is the one category that La La Land will end up losing despite being a favorite.

Actress in a Supporting Role
Prediction: Viola Davis
Perfect World: Viola Davis
Even if it hadn’t been for last years “Oscars so White” controversy, I can’t imagine a world in which Viola Davis would lose this category.

Actor in a Supporting Role
Prediction: Mahershala Ali
Perfect World: Mahershala Ali
Mahershala Ali is the heart and soul of the brilliant moonlight.  Despite only showing up in only the first of three parts, the compassion that Ali’s character shows sets the tone for the rest of the film.

Prediction: La La Land
Perfect World: La La Land
While I think, Jackie is the best film of the year, Damien Chazelle’s work keeps the kinetic La La Land afloat.  He is the reason that La La Land is the masterpiece that it is.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)
Prediction: Moonlight
Perfect World: Moonlight
The academy frequently uses the screenplay categories to recognize the great films that would otherwise go short-handed, and Moonlight will get the deserved nod for adapted screenplay.

Writing (Original Screenplay)
Prediction: Manchester by the Sea
Perfect World: Manchester by the Sea
Similar to the adapted category, the Original screenplay is where Manchester by the Sea receives its much-deserved recognition.

Animated Feature Film
Prediction: Zootopia
Perfect World: My Life as a Zucchini
Disney/ Pixar’s monopoly on this category continues to upset me.  Zootopia is a fine film, but other countries are making significantly better films than the safe studio versions.  My Life as a Zucchini’s Truffaut inspired storytelling is far more worthy of honor than the simply fine Zootopia.

Prediction: La La Land
Perfect World: Café Society
My perfect world pick is quite the unorthodox pick, but while Woody Allen’s most recent film was rather run of the mill, the cinematography was brilliant.  In the world of reality, La La Land wins another category.

Costume Design
Prediction: Jackie
Perfect World: Jackie
It is fitting that a film about Jackie Onassis Kennedy would win costuming, and I’m mostly just glad that it will end up with something.

Documentary (Feature)
Prediction: O.J.: Made in America
Perfect World: Kate Plays Christine
Another category where my choice wasn’t even nominated, but O.J. Made in America would have been my second choice.  The 8-hour mini-series should survive the is it or isn’t it a movie controversy to walk away with the win.

Documentary (Short Subject)
Prediction: The White Helmets
Perfect World: The White Helmets
Netflix putting its money behind short subject documentaries may prove to be a game changer.  The White Helmets should have one, but the travel ban’s impact on its subjects’ ability to attend should easily push it over the edge.

Film Editing
Prediction: La La Land
Perfect World: Jackie
Film Editing at the Oscars is a category that’s traditionally misunderstood to be most instead of vest.  I personally appreciate when a film is more content holding when necessary, but I can’t really begrudge the La La Land decision.

Foreign Language Film
Prediction: The Salesman
Perfect World: Things to Come
It was a close race between The Salesman and Toni Erdman until the travel ban thrust The Salesman into headlines as Asghar Farhadi was rendered unable to attend.  I would have loved the less rapey Isabelle Huppert film Things to Come to win, but I can’t begrudge The Salesman’s win.

Makeup and Hairstyling
Prediction: Star Trek Beyond
Perfect World: Swiss Army Man
I’m going to be honest, I don’t really care about this category

Music (Original Score)
Prediction: La La Land
Perfect World: Jackie
I love the Jackie score, but for something that experimental I understand that the nomination is the win.  The score for La La Land has been on heavy repeat with Jackie on my Spotify so I completely support it’s win.

Music (Original Song)
Prediction: City of Stars
Perfect World: Audition (The Fools Who Dream)
La La Land will win and should win (though for a different song), but I just need to bitch about the tragedy that is the complete snub of Sing Street.  Drive it Like You Stole it needed a nomination.  It’s on Spotify, give it a listen.

Production Design
Prediction: La La Land
Perfect World: La La Land
The perfect creation of a timeless musical should and probably will always win this category.  No complaints from me.

Short Film (Animated)
Prediction: Piper
Perfect World: Piper
After bitching about the Disney/Pixar monopoly on feature film, I may sound hypocritical with this choice, but Piper was amazing.  Pixar frequently gets to take more chances with their shorts, and Piper capitalizes on that.

Short Film (Live Action)
Prediction: La Femme et le TGV
Perfect World: La Femme et le TGV
Jane Birkin finally gets her career recognition with the nod in live action short.

Sound Editing
Prediction: La La Land
Perfect World: La La Land
Musicals or war movies tend to win these, but I refuse to admit that the awful Hacksaw Ridge is a serious contender in any category.

Sound Mixing
Prediction: La La Land
Perfect World: Moonlight
Either I don’t understand the film mixing category or the Academy doesn’t.  The levels were not the strength of La La Land.  Moonlight finds a way to allow sounds to fade in and out to emphasis the emotion, something that the traditional action films.

Visual Effects
Prediction: The Jungle Book
Perfect World: Kubo and the Two Strings
The Jungle Book was impressive, but I wonder if we’ve reached the point where CGI needs its own category instead of hijacking other practical effects.